Attention All Homesellers:

Did you know that trying to sell a home with a Foundation Problem is extremely difficulty?

As the seller of the home you have to acknowledge and disclose any problems that you are aware of to the buyer.  By not making potential buyers aware that your property has a foundation problem, you run into legal and monetary issues in the future, not to mention the sale of your home could fall through.

If you choose not to fix the problem, this can cause the sale price to be reduced. A home that has a foundation problem will not be appraised as high as a home without a foundation problem or a home that has had their foundation problem fixed by a professional contractor.

Furthermore, when people hear that your home has a foundation problem, they may completely avoid considering your home in their property search. Nobody wants their family to live in an unstable home, and lots of buyers don't want to spend time making repairs on a home they have just purchased.

Think foundation repair isn't feasible when you are selling your home? Worried about potential costs? Don't know which contractor to choose? This is where VFS can help YOU.

VFS provides the highest quality foundation repairs, evidenced by our hundreds of satisfied customers (just check out our Google Review rating - it's the highest in the area by far! We have 48 5 star reviews from happy customers!).

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VFS also offers lifetime, transferable warranties, which means that buyers are covered for as long as they live in the home!

By choosing VFS, your home gets professionally engineered repairs that are built to last for a lifetime; Home buyers get piece of mind that they will be living in a safe, structurally sound home; and you get to sell your home without any hassle or delays!

If you're looking to sell your home, and you know it needs some foundation or crawl space repairs, call VFS today at (757) 340-0917 and see how we can help you!