Learn what Virginia Foundation Solutions has to offer your home in Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, Moisture Control, Waterproofing & Drainage Services.

Why Homeowners Choose Us

We provide the best services for foundation repair, structural repair, crawl space moisture control, and all forms of waterproofing.

Virginia Foundation Solutions, Inc. has the highest customer satisfaction rating among our competitors in the region based on unbiased internet reviews. We achieve this with accuracy, honesty, and integrity in our work. Accomplishing our customer’s specific goals remains our top priority. Homeowners can count on VFS to always stand behind our company’s long-term warranties.

What We Do

Virginia Foundation Solutions, Inc. gives customers peace of mind by restoring their foundation or crawl space with structural integrity. Whether performing foundation repair, fixing foundation cracks, reversing foundation settlement, sealing crawl spaces, correcting moisture in crawl spaces, installing crawl space dehumidifiers, draining water from crawl spaces, or waterproofing your home, VFS is the foundation repair contractor to call!