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Virginia Foundation Solutions specializes in repairing and replacing cracked brick and damaged mortar. It’s important to pay attention to your home’s masonry problems, because they not only reduce your home’s curb appeal, but they can also detract from its value. Often, masonry issues such as brick cracks or mortar damage can also indicate that your home has foundation issues. These cracks in your brick can occur as a result of foundation settlement. This is why it is so important to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection with one of our expert design specialists to find out what exactly is causing your home’s masonry issues. Whether you need masonry repair or foundation repair, Virginia Foundation Solutions is here to help.

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Virginia Foundation Solutions: The All-In-One Repair Solution


Did you know that when you hire a foundation or crawlspace repair company, they often do not have their own masonry team on staff? This means that if you want to fix your foundation and repair the cracks in your brick, you may have to hire two different repair companies! This not only causes homeowners hassle, but it can also be more costly than hiring just one contractor to complete the entire project. More so, these companies can play the “blame game” if something goes wrong: blaming the other company if your foundation or masonry problems aren’t solved satisfactorily. This leaves homeowners in a tricky situation, as they are not sure who to follow up with to get their home problems resolved.


Virginia Foundation Solutions is the only foundation and crawlspace repair contractor in Southeastern Virginia and North Carolina with a dedicated masonry division. We can complete your foundation and masonry repair project simultaneously, saving you time, money, and giving you peace of mind. All of our foundation repair and masonry services are installed by expert repair crews and backed by long-term warranties.

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Is Your Home Experiencing any of these Masonry Problems?

  • Cracked Brick
  • Brick Separation
  • Step Crack Repair
  • Mortar Damage
  • Cracked Walls
  • Leaning Chimney
  • Water Seepage from Cracks
  • Gaps between Windows and Door Frames
  • Sagging Lintels
Cracked Brick Repair

Cracked Brick Repair

If your home has cracking brick, this could indicate a foundation issue.


Cracked Brick Replacement

Virginia Foundation Solutions can fix your cracked brick and restore your home’s value.

Cracked Brick_Ladson_Portsmouth

Brick Replacement

Are your home’s bricks deteriorating? It’s time to schedule a free inspection!

Cracked Mortar_Keith_NN

Mortar Replacement

Mortar damage reduces your home’s curb appeal and could be caused by foundation settlement.

Masonry_Lintel Replacement_Doxey_Suffolk

Lintel Replacement

Your home’s sagging lintels may indicate foundation issues.


Great experience with VFS! Very responsive to questions and needs, very communicative, and they did a quality job on my crawlspace encapsulation. Would definitely recommend them and use them again if necessary. They take customer service and quality work seriously. Something that’s hard to come by these days!!


This was a new experience for us. We had not encountered foundation issues in previous homes. From the first consultation we were impressed with VFS. Work on foundation was completed in one day even during a rain shower. Employees were polite and respectful. Both foundation work and masonry work done was excellent. Clean up was done efficiently. I have nothing but good things to say about this company and would recommend them to any one who asks.


VFS did a great job with repointing our bricks and perfectly matching our tan mortar. Highly recommend!

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