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How Summer Heat & Humidity Affect Your Foundation

How Summer Heat & Humidity Affect Your Foundation
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How Summer Heat & Humidity Affect Your Foundation

Weather patterns and seasonal changes can significantly impact your home’s foundation. Extreme fluctuations in temperature (such as freezes) and significant storms with high precipitation can wreak havoc on foundations due to the surrounding soil. But those aren’t the only events to consider when weighing solutions to protect your foundation. In fact, summer heat and humidity can affect your foundation more than you may realize.


The Impact of Heat

High heat during the summer can rapidly dry out the soil around your foundation. When the soil dries, it begins shrinking in volume. This change causes the soil underneath your foundation to begin shifting and sinking. As a result, the foundation of your home no longer has a stable surface to support it, which puts pressure on the overall structure of the building. You may start to see cracks appearing in walls or notice sticking doors and windows.

Additionally, the intense summer heat can dry the soil until it can no longer absorb moisture properly. So when you do get significant rainfall, you may end up experiencing soil erosion around your foundation.


The Impact of Humidity

Many parts of the country experience high humidity, especially during the summer months. If that high humidity goes unchecked in your home, it could present a problem for your foundation. In humid environments, moisture is consistently present. And this is the last thing you want in your home, as it can become a breeding ground for mold. Basements are notorious for trapping humid air. Over time, they can develop insect infestations or a mold problem, which in turn can damage support beams.

Another concern with humid basements is the impact of moisture on concrete walls. Too much moisture can weaken the concrete, and too much soil moisture can cause cracks due to hydrostatic pressure.

While both heat and humidity can have a detrimental effect on your foundation, there are steps you can take to mitigate or prevent moisture-related foundation damage. Contact Virginia Foundation Solutions, your local foundation repair specialists, to learn more about how you can protect your foundation from heat and humidity. Contact us now to schedule a free inspection!

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