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Common Symptoms of Structural Damage

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When your home is experiencing issues that damage its structural integrity, it’s important to act fast. But how do you know whether or not damage is being done? There are a few key signs to look out for when you’re worried about potential structural failure in Virginia and North Carolina.

  • Beam & joist damage
  • Cracked interior drywall
  • Pier damage
  • Sinking piers
  • Uneven, sloped floors
  • Wood rot
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Products to Repair Structural Damage in Virginia

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Different structural repair providers in Virginia and North Carolina will have different solutions they believe work best. At Virginia Foundation Solutions, our products have been tested and proven effective by some of the top-rated manufacturers in the country. When it comes to structural repairs, there are three main solutions we recommend.

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SmartJackⓇ system: This solution uses a set of high-capacity, fully adjustable steel support posts that are placed under sagging structural supports. They can then be progressively tightened to lift floors back to a more level placement.

Sister joists: Severely deteriorated wooden beams may need to be paired with a sister joist. These are brand new beams which we’ll install alongside weak existing beams for added support.

Replacement beams: If wooden beams are too deteriorated to repair, a full replacement may be necessary. We’ll replace the old wooden beams with metal I beams, so you’ll never have to worry about wood rot again.

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Say goodbye to structural issues by calling Virginia Foundation Solutions today. We’d be more than happy to send a Certified Foundation Specialist out for a free inspection of the damage and to show you which solution would work best in your home.

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