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Virginia Foundation Repair Products


Virginia Foundation Solutions offers a number of foundation repair products in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Yorktown, and the surrounding areas. As a member of the Supportworks network, we have access to industry-leading, patented products that meet the most rigorous standards of safety and efficacy, so our customers can rest assured their foundation will remain structurally sound for years to come.

Exterior Foundation Repair & Bowed Wall Products

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Helical Piers: Both helical piers and push piers help to stabilize your foundation by transferring the weight of the structure to deeper, more stable soils. Helical piers achieve this by using a machine to screw a pier deep into the soil, where they are then able to stabilize the foundation and, in some cases, help lift it back to its original position. To learn more about helical piers and the other foundation repair products offered by our Virginia Beach team, contact us.

Push Piers: Push piers achieve the same effect as helical piers but do so by using hydraulic pressure and the weight of your home to drive the piers down through brackets attached to your foundation. These are often the preferred choice for older or heavier structures.

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Industry-Leading Products and Knowledge

  • CarbonArmorⓇ: This is a non-invasive interior basement wall bracing solution for Virginia Beach homes with bowing block foundation walls. Carbon fiber-reinforced polymers contour to your basement walls and are secured in place by brackets for a fast and effective solution.
  • PowerBrace™: For more severely bowed block foundation walls, PowerBrace may be the best option. For this solution, our team will install zinc-plated beams that are custom fitted to your basement. They are then anchored to your basement floor and floor joists and can be tightened over time to reverse the effects of wall failure.
  • WallDefense™ Brackets: When the tops of your poured concrete basement walls start cracking and tipping inward, call us. Our WallDefense basement wall bracing system offered in Virginia Beach is a fast, permanent solution. WallDefense brackets add additional stability by directly attaching the top of the wall to the framing.
  • GeoLock™: To permanently straighten and, in some cases, straighten your bowing block basement walls, GeoLock anchors use heavy-duty earth anchors embedded into the soil in your yard. A plate will be secured to your wall, and a long, galvanized rod will secure the plate to the earth anchor. Over time, we can continue to tighten the system to slowly straighten your walls.

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When you’re wondering which solution will best repair your foundation issues, our foundation repair product specialists in Virginia Beach are here to help. Call VFS—the experts with integrity—or fill out the form below to schedule your free inspection today.

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