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Wet Crawl Space or Basement?


If so, our Virginia Beach basement waterproofing and sump pump repair can be your solution. But there are a lot of different products and techniques available for waterproofing a concrete foundation and just as many opinions that favor one method over another.

Virginia Foundation Solutions can help with your decision. Our patented industry leading waterproofing products carry long term warranties, are a permanent fix, and are specifically designed to fit the needs of your individual home. Like most home repair jobs, foundation moisture problems typically aren’t solved with a single product or application.

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Waterproofing Paints and Primers


Waterproofing paint is a common do-it-yourself basement waterproofing method. The waterproofing paint is typically a thicker version of the same acrylic paint you may use for the walls in your home.

Applying waterproofing paint to the inside of a concrete foundation won’t stop water seepage through cracks or the porous concrete. Eventually bubbles will form and cause the paint to peel right off the wall. The paint can also trap condensation/ moisture inside the wall and contribute to a bigger and more expensive foundation problem.

Exterior Drainage Systems


Our Virginia Beach exterior basement waterproofing requires digging down below the foundation footer and installing a drainage pipe system commonly referred to as a “French Drain” Sometimes a waterproof membrane is applied to the outside of the foundation wall with a specially designed drainage mat to route the water runoff to the drainage pipe. Exterior waterproofing is usually expensive due the excavation process. Other problems that may affect the efficiency of this system is disruption to landscaping, porches, driveways, and hvac equipment plus the drainage pipe is prone to clog with silt and plant roots.

Interior Drainage Systems


Interior Virginia Beach basement waterproofing is the least disruptive and most efficient way of taking care of your groundwater problems. Unlike exterior French drains, interior drainage systems solve problems with groundwater runoff as well as moisture problems from hydrostatic pressure- the pressure of groundwater being force upward from the ground into either your crawlspace or basement.


With an interior waterproofing system, a perimeter drainage pipe system is installed on on the inside of your foundation walls. The trench is dug in a crawlspace or jackhammered in a basement and the drainage piping routes water to a sump pump system that removes the water far enough from the foundation walls to prevent any further problems. A battery- operated sump pump system is usually recommended to prevent flooding in the case of a major storm that knocks out electricity. In basements, Virginia Foundation Solutions typically installs patented WaterGuardTM drainage pipe which is a clog-free interior drainage that captures water before it can get to basement floors and routes it to a sump pump system for removal.

The Right Basement Waterproofing System for Your Home


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Virginia Foundation Solutions came to my house to repair extensive water leaks and damage in our lower room which was built on a slab. It was a lot of work both inside and out involving digging a moat and using sump pumps, moving walls, replacing walls and wood, quite a task. They were awesome, respectful, professional, and I would hire them again. Thank you for all you did to repair and improve my house.


VFS repaired some deteriorated blocks, removed and reinstalled a sidewalk, and installed a new discharge for a downspout to redirect any rain along with a bubbler pot. It was all down on time and within the budget. Well done VFS! Thanks.


Very satisfied. Work done on schedule and preformed just as promised. Cleanup very well done as well. I would gladly recommend them.

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