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Using Push Piers for Foundation Repair and Stabilization

Using Push Piers for Foundation Repair and Stabilization
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Using Push Piers for Foundation Repair and Stabilization

Here at Virginia Foundation Solutions, we are proud to offer the Virginia Beach area the best in foundation repair support. One of the most popular and effective solutions for foundation repair and stabilization that we often use is through the use of push piers. Push piers are known for achieving unrivaled stability for a variety of foundation issues, and are capable of helping stabilize and support the foundations of residential and commercial buildings alike. 


Push piers work to provide foundations with immense stability by creating resistance that ultimately levels out the entire foundation. These piers are pushed deep into the ground and then maneuvered from there in order to achieve a level and supported foundation. One of the main benefits of using push piers for foundation repair is that they serve as the perfect solution for lifting a damaged foundation back into its proper position and providing permanent stability. Push piers are a form of foundation underpinning, and are very effective at repairing heavier buildings’ foundations as well, as the weight of these buildings is able to work in conjunction with the push pier system by pushing the piers further into the ground. This is why they are sometimes referred to as resistance piers.


If you are noticing signs of foundation problems, such as sticking windows or doors, bowing basement walls, uneven or sloping floors, or cracks in your walls, contact Virginia Foundation Solutions today to schedule a free inspection! Our experts are standing by, ready to take a look at your home and provide the unique and customized foundation repair solutions your home needs. You can rest easy knowing that your home and its foundation will be well protected when you work with us

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