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What Are the Symptoms of Structural Damage?

What Are the Symptoms of Structural Damage?

What Are the Symptoms of Structural Damage?


Often, when we think of structural damage to a home, we assume it only happens in older homes. While older dwellings are generally more prone to structural damage, newer homes can also experience structural damage due to foundation settlement from poor soil conditions or inadequate construction. Typically, when a newer home is showing signs of this type of damage, it’s usually due to environmental conditions, such as soil erosion, or a poorly planned and executed build.

Whatever the underlying factors may be, it is important to identify signs of potential structural damage early on. If the damage is spotted and fixed early enough, you may be able to prevent more significant damage in the future. Early intervention can also help you save money.

With that in mind, keep an eye out for a few common symptoms:

These can appear on interior or exterior walls. Inside, you will want to note any cracks on the walls or ceiling, especially if you see them around door and window frames. On the exterior, you may see cracks in the brick or stonework. These can occur at either the base of your home or on your chimney.

You may start to see soil pulling away from your house. Or, you may see structural separation, such as gaps between the wall and floor or your porch pulling away from the building.

Sagging and Bowing
If you start to see any sagging or bowing in and around your home, you will want a prompt assessment. Bowing typically occurs in walls and floors.

Trouble With Doors or Windows
Signs of potential underlying foundation problems include gaps around edges of window or door frames, as well as doors or windows sticking or not latching as they should.


These are all common symptoms of underlying structural damage, but it is not an exhaustive list. If you notice any of the above signs or other issues in your home you are unsure about, you should call a structural repair expert right away for an inspection. The professionals at Virginia Foundation Solutions know what to look for and can determine the underlying causes of your structural damage and offer permanent solutions for repair and prevention of future issues. Schedule your free inspection now!

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