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What Do Foundation Cracks Look Like And What To Do When You Find Them

What Do Foundation Cracks Look Like And What To Do When You Find Them

Foundation cracks can produce anxiety in even the most easy-going homeowner. If you’ve found a crack in your foundation wall, can you wait to address it? Or do you need an expensive foundation repair job? To be sure, some cracking in your foundation is normal and occurs due to settling over time. But not all foundation cracks are the same, as some require more prompt attention. Below is a brief overview of common signs you need a foundation repair. This will describe different types of foundation cracks and what to do when you spot them.

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What Cracks Are Warning Signs?

Some cracks point to underlying foundation trouble. If you see these types of cracks in your home, you will want to contact a foundation expert as soon as possible.

Horizontal cracks frequently occur in foundations.

Diagonal cracks may show up around window or door frames.

Stair-Step cracks in concrete blocks and brick foundations

What Cracks Do You Keep an Eye On?

The presence of the following cracks in walls and foundations doesn’t necessarily mean you have foundation trouble. You do, however, need to monitor them closely. If you see that they are growing, you will want to contact a professional for an inspection.

Hairline Cracks are smaller cracks that may appear due to natural settling.

Vertical Cracks run nearly straight up and down on walls.


What Do I Do?

Reach out to a professional company right away if you see any of the more severe cracks or signs you need a foundation repair. These cracks are warning signs of serious foundation problems, which may impact the structural integrity of your home. Underlying issues should get repaired in a timely fashion to protect your home and loved ones.

For wall and foundation cracks that don’t need immediate action, measure both width and length to get a baseline of their size. You will want to monitor them for growth. We also strongly recommend repairing the cracks to prevent further damage and continuing to watch out for signs that you need a foundation repair service.

If you need any kind of crack inspected, or if you’re curious about our foundation repair and waterproofing solutions, call Virginia Foundation Solutions today!

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