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How Do You Repair a Concrete Slab Foundation

How Do You Repair a Concrete Slab Foundation

Often, homes are built without a crawl space or basement. When this is the case, they are built upon a concrete slab foundation. While these slabs provide a firm foundation for the home above, they can occasionally encounter problems.

When soil underneath shifts or settles, the concrete slab foundation loses some of the firm support beneath it and becomes strained. Over time, the uneven pressure of the load may cause the foundation slab to crack or tilt. Above, you may notice sticking doors or windows and sunken or generally uneven floors. Any of these symptoms indicate a major underlying issue with your foundation slab.

It is best to repair your concrete slab foundation as soon as possible. Waiting on repairs will only make them more expensive, and perhaps lead to critical structural problems later on. Making repairs as soon as possible will save money in the long run and help ensure your home remains safe for you and your loved ones. Here are a couple different solutions for concrete slab foundation repair. Each foundation situation is a bit different, so be sure to contact the experts at Virginia Foundation Repair for guidance on which repair option is right for your property.

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Slab/Push Piers
These steel piers get inserted deep into the soil, past the unstable areas. Once they reach stable soils or bedrock, they help lift the concrete slab foundation back into place. Slab piers return your foundation and home to a level state. They are also a permanent solution, so you can be confident that your home is safe from future settling.

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Foam Injections
Foam injections are an inexpensive and quick repair option for sinking concrete slab foundations. After small holes get drilled into the concrete, a polyurethane foam is injected into the holes. The foam quickly dries and expands, raising the sinking portion of your concrete slab foundation back into place. Foam slab repair is far less expensive than installing a pier system, but only an expert can determine whether that option is right for your structure.

Contact Virginia Foundation Solutions, your local foundation repair experts, for help determining the best solution for your home.

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