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Have you observed cracks in the brickwork or drywall of your home, doors and windows that refuse to close smoothly, floors that seem to tilt or slope, or a chimney that appears to be leaning? These are classic signs that your home may be facing foundation or crawlspace issues. However, there’s no need for concern. Homeowners in Hampton, Virginia, are well-acquainted with Virginia Foundation Solutions as the reliable contractor capable of addressing these problems efficiently. Trust us to repair your home, enhancing its safety, restoring its value, and ensuring your peace of mind.


Virginia Foundation Solutions is dedicated to serving homeowners throughout the Virginia area, including Hampton, with top-tier foundation repair and crawlspace encapsulation services. Our commitment to providing an unparalleled customer-contractor experience sets us apart. We deliver durable, long-term solutions for foundation and crawlspace repair, all backed by comprehensive warranties. Our foundation is built on the core values of honesty, transparency, and respect, ensuring your satisfaction and offering peace of mind that your home’s issues are resolved for good. At Virginia Foundation Solutions, Your Home is Our Mission, ensuring it remains a safe, valuable, and comfortable space for you and your family.

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Foundation and Crawlspace Repair Problems in Hampton, Virginia


Many homeowners in Virginia find themselves facing foundation and crawlspace challenges, largely attributable to the region’s climate and soil characteristics that are known to foster foundation settlement. Signs such as cracking bricks, windows and doors that stick, sagging floors, or walls that gap are indicative of soil shifts beneath your home, leading to movement in your home’s foundation. Additionally, you might detect unusual odors, or discover water and mold in your crawlspace — issues that stem from Virginia’s distinct weather patterns and rainfall, which contribute to crawlspace deterioration through moisture and humidity. These conditions not only threaten the structural integrity of your home but also its comfort and safety, highlighting the importance of addressing these problems promptly.

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In Hampton, your home’s structural issues don’t have to be a permanent concern. Virginia Foundation Solutions offers a beacon of hope with its specialized services in foundation repair and crawlspace repair. We approach each project with a commitment to custom-fit our services to your specific situation, utilizing state-of-the-art installation processes, and the finest materials available. Our knowledgeable team stands unmatched in their dedication to revitalizing your property. Embracing the principle of safeguarding your living space, we pledge to restore and enhance the safety, aesthetic, and value of your residence, making it a haven for you and your loved ones.


Virginia Foundation Solutions travels throughout the Hampton Roads area and beyond for foundation and structural repair.


I had several estimates on the exact same issue from various vendors. VFS came up with the best solution and the best price and when their crew showed up to do the work they were professional, courteous and efficient! VFS did exactly what they said they would do, no upsales or hidden fees. I am extremely pleased with the job they performed and would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of work.

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