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Virginia Crawl Space Problems

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When you’ve got a dirt floor crawl space, you’re extending an open invitation to pests, water, and mold to take up residence. Plus, about 50% of the air that enters your home comes through the crawl space, so you and your family end up breathing humid air that’s contaminated with those mold spores and animal droppings. Evict these unwanted inhabitants and make the air in your Virginia Beach home healthy again with a full crawl space encapsulation from Virginia Foundation Solutions.

Our team can assess your crawl space, select the right products, and complete your Virginia Beach crawl space encapsulation and sealing quickly, adding extra storage space to your home and safeguarding your family’s health.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

25 Year Warranty

The best way to permanently rid your crawl space of unwanted pests, water damage, mold growth, and structural issues is to seal it. Crawl space encapsulation is a process that uses a variety of products to mitigate moisture and permanently seal the space.

We can ensure water is draining properly by installing a drainage system like a sump pump to safely navigate water away from your home and foundation. Thermal insulation will go up to help keep energy bills low by ensuring the air you spend so much to heat and cool remains in your home instead of escaping through your crawl space.

Why Your Crawlspace Problems Shouldn’t be Ignored


Additionally, an energy-efficient dehumidifier can be installed because drier air can mitigate the chances of mold growth and is easier to heat and cool, saving you even more on energy costs. Finally, we’ll install vapor barriers over the ground and exposed walls and structures to seal your crawl space against pests and excessive condensation.

All Virginia Beach crawl space encapsulation and sealing projects completed by our team come with a 25-year warranty to ensure your home is taken care of well into the future. When you’re ready to take action on your dirty crawl space, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

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Wondering what it would take to tackle your unhealthy crawl space? Call Virginia Foundation Solutions or fill out the form below for a free inspection of your space in Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and the surrounding areas.

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

Prevent moisture damage and air quality problems for good by installing a crawlspace vapor barrier

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

Crawlspace Energy Efficient Dehumidifer

Solve your wood rot and mold issues in your crawlspace with our warrantied crawl space dehumidifier and ventilation fan.

Crawlspace Energy Efficient Dehumidifier
Crawlspace Thermal Insulation

Crawlspace Thermal Insulation

Improve your home’s air quality and energy efficiency by installing thermal insulation in your crawlspace.

Crawlspace Thermal Insulation
Crawlspace Drainage

Crawlspace Drainage

Make sure water doesn’t damage your crawlspace with our drainage solutions.

Crawlspace Drainage
Crawlspace Sump Pump

Crawlspace Sump Pump

Fix your damp, wet crawlspace before the water damages your home’s structural integrity.

Crawlspace Sump Pump

The team at VFS is fantastic and very professional to work with. They are very helpful in making sure you understand what they do and what needs to be done. Anyone in need of their services should definitely give them a call.


VFS did a great job on our house’s foundation in double quick time and when they left our yard was cleaner and tidier than it was when they came! Thank you all. The masonry team also did a wonderful job. The damaged brickwork looks as good as new. Well done!


VFS was professional and efficient. They worked really hard and even outdoors in a shower to put in my French drain with a Sump pump and exit pipe into the garden. I am so grateful! I highly recommend them and their company.

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