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Install Crawlspace Drainage to Protect Your Home


Does your crawlspace leak when it rains? Even if your crawlspace only experiences standing water during heavy rainfall, you still need to fix this problem. Standing water in a crawlspace can contribute to mold and wood rot, which damage the structural integrity of your home and affect the air quality. If you notice standing water in your crawlspace, schedule a free, no-obligation inspection today to see how Virginia Foundation Solutions can help you solve this problem before it gets worse and costs more to fix.

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Fix Groundwater Leaks Before They Ruin Your Home

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Standing groundwater is a problem in your crawlspace because it evaporates and causes damage to the wood structure. Groundwater can seep, leak, or even flood many crawl spaces. It enters under the footing, between the footing and walls, right through block walls and through cracks in poured walls. After it seeps in, water lies there and puddles, slowly evaporating upward into the house. This evaporation process causes your crawlspace’s humidity level to rise. Moisture in the crawlspace is a recipe for disaster. A wet crawlspace can damage the structural integrity of your home by rotting the wood piers and beams. Mold produced from crawlspace moisture also reduces your home’s air quality and jeopardizes your family’s health.

Negative Effects of a Damp Crawlspace

  • Higher Energy Bills: A home with a wet crawlspace costs more to heat and cool. The reason for this is damp air takes more energy to heat or cool and more energy used means higher energy bills.
  • Mold: A damp crawlspace breeds mold. Mold can damage the wood in your crawlspace, deteriorating the structure of your home. Mold also releases airborne spores that eventually travel upwards and affect the air quality in your home. Mold in your crawl space isn’t good for your health or your property value. Nobody wants to buy a house with mold.
  • Dust Mites & Pests: Dust mites thrive in damp environments. The droppings of these parasites float in the air and can trigger allergies and asthma.

Virginia Foundation Solutions Crawlspace Drainage System

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To fix your crawlspace groundwater problem, Virginia Foundation Solutions can install a drainage system that incorporates a sump pump with interior drainage. Usually, we install drainage around the entire perimeter of your crawlspace. We use four-inch perforated pipe covered by a filter sock, surrounded by crushed stone that filters out and sediment or debris. This perimeter drainage is used in combination with a sump pump that pumps the water out of your crawlspace and to a discharge line. Often, our customers choose to install a bubbler drain at the end of this discharge line, so that their waterproofing system remains discrete. To determine the best solution for your crawlspace drainage problem, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection with one of our expert design specialists.

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Your Crawlspace: The Most Important Room in Your Home

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Your crawlspace is arguably the most important space in your home. It contains the support for the entire structure, about 50% of the breathing air that will enter your home, the wires, cables, plumbing, ductwork, and often HVAC systems that make your entire home function properly. Yet, it is commonly the most ignored space in the house. When overlooked, the crawl space becomes an environment for humidity and moisture, which causes mold growth and wood rot. This mold and rot compromise the structural integrity of the wood framing system which leads to cracks in your drywall, uneven floors and doors, and a variety of other problems. Moisture in the crawl space also contributes to the damage of insulation causing higher energy bills, and provides the perfect living conditions for pests, rodents, and snakes.

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