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Crawl Space Moisture/Humidity

Crawl Space Moisture/Humidity

Most Common Reasons for Crawl Space Moisture and Humidity

Crawl spaces are incredibly useful areas in every house. In Virginia Beach, they can be handy for a number of uses, ranging from extra storage to simply providing more space and extra foundation to your home. However, they can also, unfortunately, experience significant levels of moisture and humidity from sources both within and outside the home. These external and internal factors equally contribute to the introduction of moisture into your crawl space. This becomes a problem when the moisture under your house then begins to spread to the rest of your home. When this happens, several other issues may stem from it. Luckily, there are solutions to controlling crawl space humidity and moisture in the first place! At Virginia Foundation Solutions, we are eager to help you stop these problems in their tracks and keep your home and your family as healthy as possible! Keep reading to find out what causes moisture under a house to develop and see why you might want to seek help:

Moisture – Moisture in your crawlspace means that moisture is also being pumped around your home through the crawl space ventilation vents. Moisture in the air of this nature can lead to harmful effects on one’s health, such as respiratory issues and allergy problems, making the air more and more dangerous the longer that this moisture is not taken care of.

Humidity – Humidity is one of the main causes of moisture under a house and when left alone, can create all sorts of problems for you and your family. While moisture can have heavy implications for your personal health, humidity can cause issues for your home’s health. High levels of humidity can produce the ideal environment for wood-boring insects, such as termites and specific breeds of ants and beetles that are native to Virginia Beach. Humidity can also cause damage to the home’s foundational beams and create the perfect environment for mold and other fungi to develop under your home, deteriorating it from the inside.

Though these issues may be frightening, fear not! There are several solutions and steps to be taken that can mitigate these side-effects and control crawl space humidity in the long-run. Contact us at Virginia Foundation Solutions and we’ll ensure that both you and your home are healthy for the foreseeable future.

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