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Detecting High Basement Humidity Levels

Detecting High Basement Humidity Levels

With the naturally humid Virginia climate and close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and other large bodies of water, homeowners in our area are likely to experience high basement humidity levels and other water issues in the lower levels of their homes.

Virginia Foundation Solutions is the premier expert in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas when it comes to mitigating foundation and water problems in your home. One solution we recommend is a basement dehumidifier, which is a stand-alone, portable dehumidifier designed to operate more efficiently in a basement and in colder temperatures than a regular “above-ground” dehumidifier. To find out if you need a dehumidifier for your home or have our team detect the humidity in your house, contact us.

Excessive moisture can create expensive damages, and in some cases health issues related to allergies or lung dysfunction. Virginia Foundation Solutions can determine which type of basement dehumidifier is right for your situation. If your basement is susceptible to one or more of the following problems, chances are you need a dehumidifier installed in your home:

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  • Humidity levels above 50-55 percent.
  • Your basement feels damp to the skin.
  • Your basement smells musty and/or exhibits visual indications of mold and mildew.
  • Visible indications of rot and/or decay.
  • Condensation, frost, and/or ice buildup on cold surfaces. Foggy windows or ice formations in your basement indicate that moisture levels in your basement are much higher than they should be.
  • Cracked, blistered, or peeling paint on walls or other painted surfaces.

Any one of these indications of high humidity in your basement signals significant problems that, if left unresolved, could require extensive and costly repairs down the road. These problems require immediate attention.

Call Virginia Foundation Solutions today—we will assess the temperature levels of your basement, detect humidity in your house, and recommend a dehumidifier that is perfect for you. We are the experts in providing options that best fit your budget and your situation. We will solve your basement and foundation problems, and we will do it right.

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