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Happy Birthday to our owner, Danny!

Happy Birthday to our owner, Danny!

Happy Birthday to our owner, Danny!

To celebrate, the team at Virginia Foundation Solutions gifted him a Dogwood tree to plant at our headquarters in Virginia Beach.

The tree has special importance to Danny because the Dogwood is Virginia’s state flower. Seven years ago, Danny founded Virginia Foundation Solutions with the desire to redefine the foundation and crawl space repair industry by putting homeowners in the Hampton Roads area first. Virginia Foundation Solutions strives not only to repair customers’ homes, but to increase homeowners’ quality of life and provide them with peace of mind for years to come. We truly care about our Southeastern Virginia community.

And the Dogwood flower has extra special importance to us because we’ve just incorporated it into our new logo, which we hope you love as much as we do!

Virginia Foundation Solutions is proud to serve our community in Hampton Roads and beyond. And we are proud of our owner for his constant commitment to doing the right thing. Join us in wishing Danny a happy birthday!

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