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It’s A Great Day to be Alive at VFS

It’s A Great Day to be Alive at VFS

Let’s be honest, nobody particularly enjoys spending their birthday at work. Most work-party celebrations rival something similar to Jim and Dwight’s party planning skills in the episode from The Office. At VFS, we seek to go above and beyond the typical office persona and create an atmosphere where our employees not only want to come to work but are excited to be at work!

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It’s imperative that everyone feels appreciated at VFS and that they know just how much their work impacts all those around them. One way we do that is by making our coworkers’ birthdays a special day of recognition. Birthdays are not only a celebration of life but a milestone of how far each person has come and the growth they’ve had over the years with us. It is our mission to redefine the industry by redefining the customer and employee experience. We want everyone to feel elevated to do their best work and bring the best versions of themselves each and every day.

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Our Production Coordinator, Wyatt, recently celebrated his birthday in true VFS fashion. He is jokingly referred to as “Detective Montgomery” due to his keen ability to solve the most complex of problems within the office. It only seemed fitting to put his detective work to the test and give him a personalized scavenger hunt with riddles and clues galore. His Zombie-themed scavenger hunt was the little bite of fun he needed to enjoy his special day with coworkers.

Whether it’s a Zombie Apocalypse scavenger hunt or redecorating someone’s desk, we always look for an opportunity to celebrate our people and what they mean to our company. We are one big team, and everyone plays their part in showing one another just how much they care about them.

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