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Preventing Wood Rot in Your Crawl Space

Preventing Wood Rot in Your Crawl Space
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We all want to do our best to protect our homes, whether it’s the roof, the foundation, the crawl space, or something else. However, sometimes nature gets the best of us. And water is one of the elements that regularly wins the crawl space battle. It seemingly seeps in from every surface, especially after heavy rains. Unfortunately, if water gets too much of a foothold in your crawl space, it can cause rotting of the wood beams and floor joists.

Thankfully, there are ways you can keep the water out and prevent wood rot and water damage in your crawl space.

Crawl Space Encapsulation – The crawl space encapsulation process involves fully sealing off the area. Typically the material used to protect your crawl space is a high-grade plastic that helps to mitigate moisture and prevent pests from entering. To ensure the moisture levels are kept in check once the area is closed off, consider installing additional products, such as a sump pump or a dehumidifier.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier – Keep moisture at bay when you invest in an energy-efficient dehumidifier for your crawl space. After installation, a dehumidifier helps reduce the overall moisture levels in the air so water doesn’t accumulate in your crawl space. And it has a few additional benefits, including lowering your energy bills and improving the air quality in your home.

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Crawl Space Sump Pump – Sometimes the cause behind your water troubles is improper drainage. Thankfully, there is an easy remedy— a crawl space sump pump. These products are specifically designed to stop water intrusion before it starts. They capture excess water and redirect it away from your home and crawl space using a preinstalled system of pipes.

If you’re ready to protect the wood beams and joists in your crawl space and protect the entire structure of your home, contact Virginia Foundation Solutions. Our Virginia Beach crawl space waterproofing and repair experts will ensure you get the help you need. Contact us today for a free inspection!

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