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How Do Push Piers Support a Failing Foundation?

How Do Push Piers Support a Failing Foundation?

How Do Push Piers Support a Failing Foundation? 


At Virginia Foundation Solutions, we are proud to offer the installation of push piers as part of our list of foundation repair services. Push piers are a fairly common solution that are mostly used to help support foundations, specifically where the surrounding soil makes standard foundation solutions rather difficult. These piers are often used to both secure brand-new foundations as well as repair existing ones that are experiencing settlement or failure. 


The way that these piers work is unique when compared to other foundation repair methods. Push piers are able to provide significant improvement and noticeable results quickly without having to disturb the surrounding soil. These piers simply turn and thread themselves into the ground in order to assist the structure by relieving some of the weight from the foundation. They are quick, effective, minimally intrusive, and budget-friendly. This makes them an excellent option if you are noticing any foundational issues on your property. 


Indicators that your foundation may be deteriorating include difficulty opening or closing windows or doors, cracking in the walls of the basement, bowing walls, or floors beginning to show signs of unevenness, among others. Should you begin to notice any of these signs in your own residential or commercial business, it is crucial that you act quickly. Allowing these issues to go unchecked can lead to significantly larger problems in the future. The use of push piers is commonly used once foundational damage becomes evident, as they are able to quickly and effectively stabilize the foundation. 


Contact us today at Virginia Foundation Solutions to stop your foundational damage in its tracks. Our foundation repair team has the knowledge and experience to identify the signs of foundation failure and offer real solutions to prevent further damage in the future.

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