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What Can I Do to Control Humidity and Mold in My Crawl Space?
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All that salt water right outside our doors, hurricanes creeping farther up the coast every season, and tornadoes right next door―it’s no longer a matter of if, it’s when our homes take on water. Our crawlspace mold and moisture control services in Virginia Beach are a great way to ensure the protection of your home.

We’ve discussed the advantages of dehumidifiers for your basement in previous blogs, but not everyone in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area has a basement. If you have a crawlspace, water collecting just below the main floor of your home is just as big a problem as any other water hazard your home may face. The same dehumidifiers we recommended for your basement are the same ones that will help mitigate the moisture in your crawlspace.


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The soil that supports your foundation soaks up water; your foundation soaks up water, and so do the floorboards that support your whole house. Once all that gets wet and stays wet, it begins to mold or rot. Decay means your floors begin to sag, creak, and bounce. Essentially, everything that keeps your home standing upright is being eaten by fungi. Your home is no longer habitable when they’re done eating. To prevent damage to your home, make sure you invest in our crawlspace mold and moisture control services in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Foundation Solutions is the best when it comes to saving and protecting your home from water damage and humidity. We like dehumidifiers because they are effective at controlling crawlspace moisture, and they’re portable so they can be located in areas that require the most attention.

Water creates expensive damages, and like fire, can destroy your home. And because half of the air you breathe inside your home is filtered through your crawlspace, anyone in your family who suffers from allergies or lung dysfunction could experience very serious health problems.


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You can’t ignore water and humidity problems in your crawlspace. If left unmitigated, you run the risk of extensive and costly repairs down the road, or even the complete loss of your home. If you have health problems, you run an even more serious risk. If you have water under your house, contact Virginia Foundation Solutions today. We will test the humidity and water levels beneath your home and recommend the right dehumidifier, crawlspace vapor barrier, or drainage solution perfect for your situation. We are experts when it comes to protecting our neighbors and the community from the dangers that water in your crawlspace poses to your health and your home. Reach out to our team of experts now to learn about the crawlspace moisture and mold control services we offer in Virginia Beach!

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Quality materials and workmanship. Matt answered all our questions, even after hours, and Miguel and his crew were efficient and resolved all issues immediately. A very satisfied customer.


Professional and courteous at all time. Crew was on site for 4 days in terrible weather and never missed a beat. Kept us informed, did what they planned and kept the areas near and clean. A really great crew.

Hal Luebke

VFS crew did a wonderful job. They worked effectively together to complete our project. They used care in making sure our lawn was not ruined and they cleaned up their work area when completed.

Mary Routten

Work was completed as promised. Purple crew was prompt, professional, and considerate of our home. Zero complaints

S House

I highly recommend this company. They had the best price, quality work and it was completed on time, which is rare these days. It’s not easy so I commend the crew on their hard work!

Donald Marx

Everything looks GREAT and the finished crawlspace was better than we expected. The RED crew did a great job and left the entire worksite cleaner than it was when they arrived.

Mike Shaffer

We recently used VFS to install an interior french drain and sump pump in our finished lower level. The "purple crew" was assigned to our job and they were fabulous!!! They were timely, neat, respectful and hardworking. We are very happy with the job they did.

Howard Bloom

The yellow crew (Willy, Marco, Oscar, and Patrick) were VERY professional and hard working. They kept us informed every step of the way. The clean up at end of the workday was exceptional. The best part is my foundation is fixed and our crawlspace is the cleanest crawlspace I have ever seen.

Scott Withdrew

The workers were very professional, experienced and knowledgeable. They left the crawlspace with reinforced support beams. A supervisor checked their work in the afternoon.

Rick Ruscak

VFS did a great job on our house’s foundation in double quick time and when they left our yard was cleaner and tidier than it was when they came! Thank you all. The masonry team also did a wonderful job. The damaged brickwork looks as good as new. Well done!

Alan Stephenson

Newport News


We loved working with this company. All of the workers were friendly and helpful. They were very particular about their work and showed professionalism and organization. They did a great job; we are so thankful for their help.

Daphne Jonas



Professional and kind staff, started on time, finished on time, good clean up, and next best bid was 40% higher using same materials. Highly recommend!

Ron Bianchi



VFS was on time, clean, polite and thorough with good workmanship.

Lois Horton

Newport News


Great customer service. Fantastic work under the house along with follow through to ensure everything was complete. Our Moisture and Termite inspector said it was the best "under house" inspection he'd done!

Larry Bianchi

Virginia Beach