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Foundation & Structural Repairs in Winter

Foundation & Structural Repairs in Winter

Winter is the perfect season to enjoy relaxing moments with your friends and family. Your thoughts have turned to winter adventures, cozy fires, and warm blankets. Those last few home improvement projects can wait for warmer weather.

Unfortunately, our house repair needs do not always run on the schedule we would like them to. Problems will often arise at the most inconvenient time possible. Sometimes you can delay addressing issues until the weather warms up. However, what happens when a more pressing problem pops up, such as foundation trouble? Can that crucial repair work get done during the winter?

The short answer is yes, it can. And depending on the repairs, it may even be the ideal time to address your foundation issues. Below, we’ll look at a few of the pros and cons of foundation and structural repairs in the winter.

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  • Foundation repair companies are not typically as busy during the winter, so you have many more choices when it comes to scheduling.
  • The underlying soil is more stable during the colder months. Completing necessary repair work during that window will help prevent further damage.
  • It is the perfect time to take care of all the interior foundation and structural repair work that needs to get completed.


  • Adverse weather may cause the project to get delayed.
  • Not all foundation and structural repair work can get completed during winter. For instance, digging can be challenging (though not impossible) due to cold or frozen soil.

If you are experiencing trouble with your home’s foundation or structure, don’t wait until spring to get help. Promptly addressing foundation or structural problems is critical. Doing so will help keep the damage from worsening or more costly repairs.

Your trusted foundation repair experts at Virginia Foundation Solutions are available to thoroughly inspect your home and condition of your property. No matter what season it is, putting off foundation repair can cost you in the long run. Call our foundation team today to talk about shoring up your property this winter!

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