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How Crawl Spaces Affect Air Quality

How Crawl Spaces Affect Air Quality
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Many homes have convenient crawl spaces, giving homeowners and service technicians access to electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. However, crawl spaces are not immune to trouble. One of the common challenges is when the air in a crawl space negatively impacts the overall air quality inside the home. When crawl spaces are exposed to the outside air, humidity, and water intrusion can cause wood rot and mold growth. Not only does this cause damage to floor joists and support beams, but it can also result in health concerns for occupants of the home.

The Problem With a Wet Crawl Space

Without proper protection, crawl spaces often experience moisture buildup. Poor ventilation, high humidity levels, and water intrusion all contribute to this moisture buildup. If left unaddressed, that accumulation will lead to mold growth. Spores from the mold will eventually work their way into the rest of the home, causing respiratory or other health problems.

Unwanted Critters and Pests

Crawl spaces are also a preferred home for insects and pests. Those unwanted critters, including rodents, will leave behind waste products that get into the air. At best, an unpleasant odor will develop. And at worst, potentially harmful airborne particles can work their way into the home.

Harmful Gas

Cracks in a home’s foundation or crawl space with inadequate ventilation may allow harmful gasses to enter the home. Two of these intruders include radon (which causes lung cancer) and carbon monoxide, a potentially deadly, odorless gas.

Protect Your Crawl Space and Your Indoor Air Quality

Taking steps to prevent these issues is vital to protect the overall health of everyone living in the home. By keeping crawl spaces clean and dry, homeowners can help to ensure that the air in their homes is healthy and safe to breathe. Additionally, routine crawl space maintenance and inspections will help identify any issues before they become serious problems.

Contact your local crawl space repair experts at Virginia Foundation Solutions for a free inspection and recommendation for the best repair or waterproofing solutions to help protect the air quality in your home. Some possible solutions include adding a dehumidifier, sump pump, or crawl space encapsulation. Reach out to schedule your free inspection today!

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