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Virginia Beach Coastal Foundation Repairs

Virginia Beach Coastal Foundation Repairs
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Living by the coast is a dream for many. After all, you can’t beat the salty ocean breeze and stunning views. However, owning a home in coastal areas comes with a unique set of challenges. One of those is foundation problems. Coastal regions are susceptible to several environmental factors that can wreak havoc on your home’s structural integrity. An experienced coastal foundation repair specialist in Virginia Beach can help address any problems you encounter. Here are a few foundation issues in coastal areas to watch for so you know when to reach out for help.
structural integrity of a building. 

Coastal Climate

Coastal climates have high humidity and salt-laden air, which can accelerate the deterioration of foundation materials. Often, homes built along the coast have wood piles supporting them. The unique air in the region can lead to decay and rot in these wood piles, compromising the integrity of your home. Have your home inspected regularly to catch issues before they arise. If the support structure needs to be replaced, our Virginia Beach coastal foundation repair team will let you know. We offer more sturdy options, including helical piers, push piers, and slab piers.

Hurricanes and Flooding

Hurricane season and storm surges can significantly impact your home’s foundation. Installing sturdy reinforcements to help bolster against these storms is vital. Additionally, speak with a professional about waterproofing your basement or crawl space. Installing proper drainage systems before the storm hits will help mitigate the damage.

Soil Erosion

While soil erosion can occur anywhere, the risk rises in coastal regions. That is because the soil is often loose and sandy. The severe weather events and tidal movements can gradually wash away the soil surrounding your home’s foundation. This process will lead to settlement and structural instability. Taking the proper steps to mitigate future erosion while repairing existing damage is vital to ensure your home remains safe and secure.

If you live in Virginia’s coastal region and have begun seeing damage to your foundation, contact Virginia Foundation Solutions. Our Virginia Beach coastal foundation repair team can schedule your free inspection and help restore your home’s foundation.

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