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What Is the Impact of Changing Seasons and Weather on Your Foundation?

What Is the Impact of Changing Seasons and Weather on Your Foundation?
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The change in seasons is a magical time. In the fall, the air feels crisp, leaves change into a brilliant landscape of color, and people feel more energized as the days become cooler. In the spring, the promise of warmer days ahead after a long, cold winter enlivens us as the trees begin to bloom and the sun warms our spirits. We tend to embrace the change of seasons, no matter the time of year. However, while most of us enjoy these transitional periods, we often forget that they impact more than nature. Changing seasons can have an adverse impact on our homes. Below, we’ll explore the impact of weather on your foundation and how you can protect your home through every season.

Moisture Levels

The changing seasons bring a variety of moisture levels, and the impact of weather on your foundation can be significant. Heavy spring and summer rains will quickly saturate the soil around your foundation. If the soil near the foundation becomes too saturated, it can cause hydrostatic pressure, which can press in on the foundation and cause bowing or cracking in the basement walls. And when the drier weather rolls around, that moisture will evaporate and may lead to foundation settlement issues.

Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal foundation repairs may be completely unavoidable. However, there is a way to mitigate potential problems. Following a regular seasonal maintenance plan may help prevent some foundation troubles. It will also help you monitor your home to notice any signs of trouble before the problem becomes too serious.

Get a Free Foundation Inspection

Scheduling regular professional foundation inspections will ensure you can quickly address any seasonal foundation damage. The experts at Virginia Foundation Solutions have extensive experience identifying and addressing foundation issues. We will help navigate the impact of weather on your foundation. Contact our team today to schedule a free foundation inspection!

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