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Concrete Pool Deck Cracks: Causes & Repair Methods

Concrete Pool Deck Cracks: Causes & Repair Methods
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Summertime means pool time for adults and kids alike. Nothing beats hanging out at the pool on a hot summer day. But that fun can be interrupted if your pool deck is cracked or damaged. The presence of cracks in your concrete pool deck is not only aesthetically unpleasing but can also pose a tripping hazard. The good news is that repair is possible. Below we look at some factors that cause cracking in your concrete pool deck and a few repair methods.

Cracked Concrete Repair

What Causes Cracks in a Concrete Pool Deck?

Any concrete slab is susceptible to cracking over time, and the one surrounding your pool is no exception. Some of the most common causes of concrete pool deck cracks include:

Freezing – Water entering concrete surfaces will expand and contract during the freeze-thaw process, causing cracks to appear.
Deicing Salt – The chemicals in deicing products can worsen the damage caused by freezing water.
Poor Concrete Mix – Improperly mixed concrete isn’t strong enough to withstand environmental stressors.
Poor Reinforcement – Improperly constructed pool decks where the underlying soil hasn’t been properly compacted can lead to issues. The natural settlement of the soil below the slab can cause movement, which leads to cracking.

Concrete Replacement

Repair Options for Cracks in Your Concrete Pool Deck

As with any damaged concrete slab, there are multiple repair options for pool decks. A few of these include:

Caulk and seal – This is most appropriate for smaller cracks.
Polyurethane foam injection – The foam will raise portions of the pool deck back to the proper position as it expands and hardens. This process works to close large cracks and provides support beneath the slab to prevent future settling and cracking.
Overlay – If the damage is too severe, you may need a new pool deck. An overlay allows you to have a new pool deck surface without rebuilding the area.

Your Home is Our Mission

You will see DIY repair options and advice floating around online. It may be tempting to repair small cracks yourself. However, use caution when doing so. Improperly repaired concrete may result in worse damage over time and cause more costly repairs. We recommend consulting with your local concrete repair expert. Professionals have the experience and knowledge to best assess your unique situation and recommend the most appropriate repair options. A knowledgeable professional can properly inspect the area, determine the cause of the cracks, and recommend measures to repair them and prevent the same issue from happening again. If you live in southeast Virginia or northeast North Carolina, contact Virginia Foundation Solutions today to schedule a free inspection!

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