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Symptoms of Crawl Space Problems

Symptoms of Crawl Space Problems

The open, dirt floor in crawl space areas is an invitation for trouble. Several problem-causing factors can intrude on this open space, including mold growth, water damage, and pest intrusion. If pests or mold make their home in your crawl space, this can contaminate the air that circulates into your home, which can lead to poor indoor air quality and respiratory issues for those living inside your home. Standing water and humidity can also lead to wood rot and structural damage. The good news is there’s a way to protect your crawl space area and the health of your family and your house. With the installation of vapor barriers, encapsulation, dehumidifiers, drainage systems, sump pumps, and other crawl space waterproofing measures, your crawl space can be transformed into a clean, dry area, which will prevent problems associated with water, humidity, and pests. With crawl space waterproofing services, your crawl space can even be used as additional storage space!

Crawlspace Repair

Most homeowners are oblivious to symptoms of crawl space problems, as this is typically an area that is out of sight, out of mind, so it takes being proactive to catch any issues early on. There are several signs you can watch for. If you notice any of these common symptoms of crawl space problems, contact Virginia Foundation Solutions for a free, no-obligation crawl space inspection. Our team will carefully inspect your crawl space, determine the source of trouble, and recommend the most appropriate waterproofing and repair solutions.

Unusual Odors – If you notice musty odors or animal smells in your home and can’t identify the source, it may be coming from your crawl space.

Increased Energy Bills – If you’ve noticed your energy bill is higher than usual, but your usage hasn’t increased, have your crawl space inspected. When crawl space areas aren’t sealed properly, outdoor air can infiltrate the interior of your home, which puts a strain on your HVAC system to maintain an ideal indoor air temperature.

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Floor Movement – Excess moisture in your crawl space can cause wood rot, which can damage the support beams and joists under your flooring. Floors that seem to bounce or slope are indicative of a crawl space problem.

Moisture Buildup – Too much moisture in your crawl space can take many forms, such as visible condensation in your crawl space or home or high humidity in the living spaces.

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If you’re concerned about crawl space problems and want to do everything you can to protect your family and your home, contact the Virginia Beach crawl space waterproofing experts at Virginia Foundation Solutions now to schedule your free inspection. We serve homeowners in Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, and the surrounding areas.

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